200 Heartbeats - Lesser Known Endangered Animals

200 Heartbeats - Lesser Known Endangered Animals


Have you ever heard of a Vaquita or Pied Tamarin? These are just two of the creatures you will be introduced to in my new coloring book “200 heartbeats-lesser known endangered animals”. There are 16 coloring pages as well as other wonderful learning tools. These include a full color world map showing the primary origin of each animal and where they fall on the ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST. There are interesting facts about the main mammals and a small colored image. Also included are other animal species that are in danger of extinction. You’ll have a challenge searching for 200 hidden hearts within the pages representing the number of species that are lost every 24 hours. 10% of sales goes to conserving our disappearing wildlife! Extinction is Forever!

Designs and illustrations by Denise Marshall for Tallewig

A teaching and learning coloring book

14 full color images

16 coloring pages

Made and printed in the USA

For ages 5 to adult


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