Wee Sprites Coloring Book

Wee Sprites Coloring Book


"Children, Children don't forget, there are elves and fairies yet." Wee Sprites coloring book features bright white, thick paper for the best coloring experience. One-sided printed pages allows children to be creative without worrying about colors bleeding through or having to choose which side is their favorite. Nature spirits, gnomes and fairies adorn the pages in all their whimsy along with forest animals, unicorns and dragons. My coloring book is printed in the USA close to home at family operated Brands Printing in Berkeley.

• Designs and illustrations by Denise Marshall for Tallewig

• Enchanting coloring book

• Illustrations of magical creatures, spirits, and more

• Bright white thick paper

• 17 coloring pages

• Made in the USA


For ages 5 and up.


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